We Need More Fires
February 6, 2014


“Fire is a capital article. To have no fire, or a bad fire to sit by, is a most dismal thing. In such a state man and wife must be something out of the common way to be in good humor with each other…”

William Cobbett, Cottage Economy

In this coldest winter in many years, a good fire is perhaps just what we need. It might even save a marriage…

Please see my article at Aleteia, on Why We Need More Fires in Winter.

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  1. Love it, John! Have had 2 fires going during this cold spell. When I was little I used to imagine that the fairy folk lived in the fire. It’s such a warm and enchanting looking place to live with the ever changing configuration of logs creating so many hidden places and different types and levels of possible dwellings. I still love to take time out just to watch the fire – still imagining all the goings on of the little folk as some embers burst into flame and others pulsate with just the warm glow. The fire lends itself so much to stories – telling them, imagining them, or reading them – which is probably Tolkien used fires so much when stories were being told. I am thinking especially of the Cottage of Lost Play. Thanks for your insightful posts – I am enjoying them all!

    1. Thanks Laura for sharing your thoughts and recollections. Fire truly is an amazing gift, and I have resolved to take more time for my family to be able to enjoy it together.

  2. A wood fire in a stove or fireplace is definitely one of the most relaxing things we have. The beauty of it is so satisfying and memorable that it makes the processing and stacking of wood in summer heat an enjoyable task. Since we have been using a wood insert for our main heat source, my wife and I have come to truly miss it when the weather is too warm to burn. Our 2 cats also seem to
    miss it. The grandchildren love it and always make sure Grandpa keeps it roaring away to keep them warm. The fire is the heart of our home in winter.