Better than Any Camera
February 21, 2018

“Imagining is within our power whenever we wish.” Aristotle, On the Soul Studying human nature often gives occasion for wonder and gratitude. This line from Aristotle really struck me. We have been studying what he calls the interior sense powers. One of them is the power of imagination. Simply put, it is […]

Seeking Memory Eternal
February 14, 2018

“May his memory be eternal.” “Vichnaya Pamyat.” (in Ukrainian) Traditional Byzantine Prayer for the Dead It seems that in this prayer for the dead we are really at the heart of life. Just as we are on Ash Wednesday. We ask that there be memory: indeed an everlasting one. Perhaps only such […]

“One day it will please us to remember even this.” Virgil, The Aeneid Graduation is always poignant for me. It is especially so this year. This last weekend my eldest daughter graduated from Christendom College, where I am a professor of philosophy. I have taught her and her friends, among others, for […]

Telling the Stories of Your Ancestors
June 1, 2016

“If we want our children to grow up strong, secure, and upright…; if we want to show them paths out of moral chaos, we should scour our family histories and tell them stories of the heroes we find there.” William Raspberry* These words really struck a chord in me. There are few […]

Wednesday Quotes
Surfing into Forgetfulness
November 4, 2015

“And wicked men seek for people with whom to spend their days, and shun themselves; for they remember many a grievous deed when they are by themselves, but when they are with others they are disposed to forget.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, IX The wicked find it hard to live with themselves. They […]