Ethika Politika
Leisure Starts at Home
September 30, 2015

“As I must repeat again, the first principle of all action is leisure. Both are required, but leisure is better than occupation and is its end.” — Aristotle, Politics VIII Life is about leisure. This statement sounds odd to our ears. But if we understand leisure, and life, as Aristotle does, then […]

Wednesday Quotes
The Slavery of Women, and Men
February 11, 2015

“But among barbarians no distinction is made between women and slaves…” Aristotle, Politics Barbarians can be accused of a number of things, but presumably they cannot be accused of considering themselves civilized. Nor did they see themselves as a society in which the position of woman was improving. In light of a […]

Wednesday Quotes
Playing the Right Games
June 26, 2014

“But when children play the right games from the beginning and absorb lawfulness from music and poetry, it follows them in everything and fosters their growth…” Socrates, in Plato’s Republic, Bk IV It’s easy not to be concerned about games. After all, they’re just games. Watching children play can be amazing. They […]

Wednesday Quotes
June 4, 2014

The very word is soothing. It brings back special memories of childhood. Of being together with the people we most want to be with.   My father, who otherwise was so busy, had nothing to do other than be with us. Mom was finally able to relax, at least somewhat.   I […]

We Need More Fires
February 6, 2014

“Fire is a capital article. To have no fire, or a bad fire to sit by, is a most dismal thing. In such a state man and wife must be something out of the common way to be in good humor with each other…” William Cobbett, Cottage Economy In this coldest winter […]

Wednesday Quotes
Pointless Parties
December 4, 2013

“There are others too…that pretend to be pleasures, such as gambling and pointless parties; as time goes on, it becomes clear even to the victims of their seduction that they are afflictions disguised as pleasures….” Socrates, in Xenophon’s The Estate Manager, I It’s a tale of two parties. At the first party […]