Wednesday Quotes
Marriage: A Match Made in Heaven?
September 25, 2013

“For it seems to me that the gods exercised especially acute discernment in establishing the particular pairing which is called male and female, to ensure that such a pair may form a perfect partnership in mutual service.” Xenophon Xenophon does not say that in marriage man and woman always form a perfect […]

A Eulogy for Chris N. Cuddeback
September 23, 2013

It could be said that at the very center of the Christian worldview is the conviction that God’s loving providence encompasses everything. Literally, everything, big and small. We might ponder how much faith is required, in the vicissitudes of life, truly to adhere to this conviction. I don’t often experience a temptation […]

Wednesday Quotes
My Father, A Planter of Trees
September 18, 2013

“But on a well-banked plot Odysseus found his father in solitude Spading the earth around a young fruit tree.” Homer, Odyssey, Bk XXIV The father of Odysseus, Laertes, is an old man. Yet he is spading the earth around a young fruit tree. Spading the earth, as all real work, requires foresight, […]

Wednesday Quotes
Home, What We Share
September 11, 2013

“…one of the advantages we will share with each other is having children to support us and look after us as well as they can when we grow old. But what we share now is this home of ours…” Xenophon These are the words of a newlywed groom to his bride. While […]

Front Porch Republic
The Economics of Splitting Wood by Hand
March 20, 2013

Hilaire Belloc once wrote that he never burned anything but oak in the huge fireplace of his ancient home in West Sussex. For a while I considered doing the same in the wood stove of my home in the Shenandoah Valley. …

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