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Leisure Starts at Home
September 30, 2015

Shelling Peas

“As I must repeat again, the first principle of all action is leisure. Both are required, but leisure is better than occupation and is its end.” — Aristotle, Politics VIII

Life is about leisure. This statement sounds odd to our ears. But if we understand leisure, and life, as Aristotle does, then we can begin to appreciate why Josef Pieper calls leisure the basis of culture. And if leisure is to be the basis of culture, it must first be the basis of home life.
Please see my short article at Ethika Politika where I consider what leisure is, and how we can cultivate it in our homes: Leisure as the Basis of Home Life.

Image: Carl Larsson’s Shelling Peas

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  1. Makes so much sense! Wish I had read this years ago … thankful for it now. God bless.

    1. Janice, It is interesting how often we learn things late. And then we have the challenge to discover how in some fundamental way it is never too late. Thank you too.

  2. Such a great reflection, Dr. Cuddeback. And further encouragement to develop those “slow” habits of home arts even when they aren’t the most efficient! I realize the immense satisfaction and joy my girls experience, for instance, when they see the fruits of our work together in the garden. The same can’t be said of our grabbing things from the grocery bins.