Good-byes are Just That
May 14, 2014

They’re good. At least when we make an effort to do them right.

I’m convinced after years of saying goodbye to my students—and others—that proper goodbyes are not only good, they’re sometimes necessary. The more that has been shared together, the more important the goodbye.

As I take leave this week of another set of students at graduation, I am going to try to give them the goodbyes that our time together, and our shared hopes for the future, warrant. It will not be easy.

Please see my piece on this subject… Christians Do Say Goodbye: 3 Reasons I Disagree with C.S. Lewis.

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  1. I like how you explored the two different ways of looking at the “problem” of saying goodbye. It is sometimes a struggle to achieve the balance between acting in a manner that reflects our firm hope and belief of being together again some day in our eternal home, as C.S. Lewis reminds us, vs. falling to pieces emotionally when we consider the loss of missing that person’s real presence in this life. It is comforting that even Jesus mourned for Lazarus, and probably for others, even though He is God and never lost the eternal perspective the way we do.