A Child’s Birthday
September 28, 2016

I remember thinking on my birthday: how can all these people just be going about their business today? Don’t they realize? But the fact was that the key people around me did realize; and they acted like it.

And so a child learns. This is a day of celebration. Because of me.

The day of birth is not the absolute beginning; but as the unique day of ‘arriving,’ it is when we say ‘yes!’ and ‘thank you!’ for this very life itself. Year in, and year out, without cease.

For this child is a gift that is permanent, irrepeatably enriching our lives–no matter what ever happens.

And on this day we remember. And we take the opportunity to try to convey the most important thing a child needs to know.

Son, those around you might have to go about their normal business today, at least to some extent. But this day is not, and never will be, a normal day. It will always be the day on which Mama and Daddy first got to see your face, and to hold you. And we are grateful beyond words.

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  1. fantastic post… loved reading it… and perfect timing… (My son’s birthday is today… and like all of my children… what a wonderful “gift”… )

    1. A very happy birthday to your son.

  2. Thanks, Doctor. It happens to be my daughter’s birthday today and your words really resonate. I’ll think of them again soon, as we are in the midst of a 28-day period when we celebrate the birth of six of our children.

    1. How exciting to have a run of six within a month. May it be a blessed time for you all. We have a few in autumn too. Best wishes.