Wednesday Quotes
Twentieth Anniversary
January 7, 2015

I never could have known what a blessing it would be. How does one ever measure?

Those who have been there know. The suffering and trials can be simply beyond telling. But therein we can actually learn, or at least finally begin to see, that no suffering is too great. Period. Love actually can transcend. If we enter into it; if we receive it; if we just do it.

A marriage, and indeed a family, is an affair of so much love: love that preceded, encompasses, and follows. How many people’s love–did I even know them?–have been the seedbed? How many people’s love–even those I won’t know–might be the fruit?

Gratitude. Lord give us the grace to see; to live in gratitude.

This post was prepared a couple days early; right now we are having a few days of family time, disconnected from the internet. Love to all.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Her dress is so lovely!

  2. What Church did you get married in? It looks so beautiful and eastern!
    Congratulations on Twenty Years, and God Bless you with 20 x 20 more! !

    1. It is Holy Transfiguration Church in McClean, VA. It is a Melkite Byzantine Church; my wife is Ukrainian-American and was raised in the Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic rite. Thank you for your kind wishes.

      1. My family and I attend St. Mary’s in Manassas, the smallest Byzantine Ukranian Catholic Church in America. We love it there!