Planting Now for Later
August 2, 2017

“He who postpones wrestles with ruin.” Hesiod, Works and Days One of the profound aspects of our relationship with the earth, and with one another, is timing. There are natural rhythms, to which we need to learn to conform ourselves. Isn’t one of the hardest things with children to teach them that […]

Playing Games with Children
July 26, 2017

“But when children play the right games from the beginning… it follows them in everything…” Socrates, in Plato’s Republic The question broke through the pleasant fog of dozing off on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. “Daddy, do you want to play statue?” “Uh. Well. What’s ‘statue’?” I was buying time; though […]

Summer Reading Aloud, Together
July 19, 2017

“We read to know that we’re not alone.” –attributed to C.S. Lewis; actually from Shadowlands, a movie about Lewis. While there is something attractive about this quotation, I’m glad that Lewis didn’t actually say it. While reading can indeed be a wonderful way of communing with others, especially those of past generations, […]

Sitting on the Porch
July 5, 2017

“I cannot separate it [watching the world go by] from the porch where it occurs. The action and the space are indivisible. The action is supported by this kind of space. The space supports this kind of action. The two form a unit, a pattern of events in space.” Christopher Alexander, The […]

What to Do This Summer
June 21, 2017

“And it was summer–warm, beautiful summer.” Hans Christian Andersen Making a household today often calls for being intentional. By being ‘intentional’ I mean making a conscious and regular effort to deliberate about how best to achieve an end. In an age when good customs embodied a passed-on wisdom, parents did not need […]

Playing in the Sand
June 7, 2017

“When I was down beside the sea A wooden spade they gave to me. To dig the sandy shore.” Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child’s Garden of Verses They–whoever they were–clearly did this child a good turn. They brought him to a good place, and they gave him a good ‘toy’–if we call […]

Wednesday Quotes
When I Was Down Beside the Sea
June 8, 2016

“My holes were empty like a cup. In every hole the sea came up. Till it could come no more.” Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child’s Garden of Verses It is fitting that for vacation we especially seek places of natural beauty. In her more notable manifestations the natural world speaks to us […]

Wednesday Quotes
June 4, 2014

The very word is soothing. It brings back special memories of childhood. Of being together with the people we most want to be with.   My father, who otherwise was so busy, had nothing to do other than be with us. Mom was finally able to relax, at least somewhat.   I […]