The Path is Not Smooth For a Reason
March 1, 2017

“The Father himself Willed that the path of tillage be not smooth, And first ordained that skill should cultivate The land, by care sharpening the wits of mortals, Nor let his kingdom laze in torpid sloth.” Virgil, Georgics Why do things have to be so hard? Often I have wondered. Virgil paints […]

As a Good Shoemaker
October 19, 2016

  “Yet even in these nobility shines through, when a man bears with resignation many great misfortunes, not through insensibility to pain but through nobility and greatness of soul… For the man that is truly good and wise, we think, bears all the chances of life becomingly and always makes the best […]

Wednesday Quotes
If Desire is Not in Vain
August 31, 2016

“…for at that rate…our desire would be empty and vain.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics The insights of Aristotle never cease to amaze. Assiduously avoiding rash assumptions and unsupported conclusions, he nonetheless boldly makes claims that lesser minds would not dare assert. A man of vast human experience, Aristotle cannot be accused of being naïve. […]

Wednesday Quotes
Our Only Refuge?
March 9, 2016

“And in poverty and misfortunes men think friends are the only refuge.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics In sorrow as well as in joy, but even more so in sorrow, we feel that we need to turn to other people. This says much about human life. It is worth asking ourselves: to whom can […]

Wednesday Quotes
Acquainted with Grief
December 24, 2014

“He was despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.” Handel’s Messiah, Air from Part II, quoting Isaiah 53 Being acquainted with grief does not fit the season. Or so it might seem. Last Sunday I was in the third row from the front, drinking in every […]

The Heart, in Suffering
March 12, 2014

“Some day, perhaps, remembering even this Will be a pleasure.” Virgil, The Aeneid, I Aeneas and his men have endured much since leaving Troy. And of course they left only after the destruction of all they knew and loved in a flaming inferno of death. Now they’ve been shipwrecked in a strange […]