Gardening Teaches Humility and Prayer
March 15, 2017

“Do you think it is any less necessary to ask the gods for mercy where agricultural affairs are concerned? Sensible farmers, I can assure you, worship and pray to the gods about their fruits, grain, cattle, horses, sheep—yes, and all their property.” Xenophon, The Estate Manager Virgil speaks of it, and Cato, […]

Wednesday Quotes
Why We Carry Out These Rites
March 30, 2016

“No empty-headed Superstition, blind to the age-old gods, Imposed this ritual on us, and this feast, No… we carry out these rites, Renewed each year, as men saved from barbaric Dangers in the past.” Virgil, The Aeneid Thus speaks King Evander–ruler of the small city where Rome will later rise– when he […]

Wednesday Quotes
Asking for Direction in Baffling Times
February 24, 2016

“All Italians, all the Oenotrian land, Resorted to this place in baffling times, Asking direction; here a priest brought gifts…” Virgil, The Aeneid What do I do now? I often stand in the paradoxical position of knowing that I alone am responsible for the decision I have to make even while I […]