Wednesday Quotes
Making Brave Men
August 24, 2016

“Go, stranger, and to Lacedaemon tell That here, obeying her behests, we fell.” Spartan Monument at Thermopylae, as recorded by Herodotus in The Histories Few stories in our history so capture the imagination. One king with three hundred men, another king with three hundred thousand. Spartan King Leonidas, hand-picking those to go […]

Wednesday Quotes
The Opposite of the Most Disgraceful Thing
August 17, 2016

“Their sons are carefully instructed from their fifth to their twentieth year, in three things alone—to ride, to draw the bow, and to speak the truth.” “The most disgraceful thing in the world, they think, is to tell a lie.” Herodotus, The Histories, (writing about customs of the Persians) Though the ancient […]