Reclaiming a Father’s Presence at Home
September 27, 2017

This article expresses a central conviction of my work. A few day’s ago the Institute for Family Studies posted a leaner version of my A Father’s Presence in the Home piece from a couple of years ago. I am very grateful to IFS for asking me to shorten it for re-publication HERE. […]

Habits of the Father
January 18, 2017

“For as in cities laws have force, so in households do the injunctions and the habits of the father, and these have even more because of the tie of blood and the benefits he confers; for the children start with a natural affection and disposition to obey.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics As laws […]

Wednesday Quotes
You, Child, are Our Bond
October 14, 2015

“And children seem to be a bond of union.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics Moved by these words of Aristotle, I write here… An Open Letter to My Child Even your father can never tell you, because I cannot fully know, how good it is that you exist. You will ever be a mysterious wonder […]

Wednesday Quotes
When Children Resemble Their Fathers
September 9, 2015

“Fleecy sheep are weighed down with wool, and women bear children who resemble their fathers.”  Hesiod, Works and Days In describing “a city that prospers,” Hesiod points to something rather unexpected: that “women bear children who resemble their fathers.” We find ourselves wondering what he means. Won’t children always resemble their fathers […]

Wednesday Quotes
Parents Ruling by Love and Age
February 4, 2015

“For the begetter is the ruler by reason of love and age…” Aristotle, Politics Perhaps we do not normally think of parents as rulers. Aristotle did. He seems to think that after giving children life there is nothing more important than giving them direction: direction in how to live; that is, live […]

Fathers and Sons
December 17, 2014

Many of our sons are suffering, in more ways than we realize. And what they need is more time with us, their fathers. Here is a reflection I posted at The Catholic Gentleman: “It’s Not About the Deer: Three Reasons to Take Your Son Hunting.”

Wednesday Quotes
Rising at Night
July 30, 2014

“…and when anything needs doing it ought not to be left undone, whether it be day or night. There are occasions when a householder should rise while it is still night; for this helps to make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Aristotle, Economics I wonder what occasions Aristotle had in mind. […]

A Eulogy for Chris N. Cuddeback
September 23, 2013

It could be said that at the very center of the Christian worldview is the conviction that God’s loving providence encompasses everything. Literally, everything, big and small. We might ponder how much faith is required, in the vicissitudes of life, truly to adhere to this conviction. I don’t often experience a temptation […]

Wednesday Quotes
My Father, A Planter of Trees
September 18, 2013

“But on a well-banked plot Odysseus found his father in solitude Spading the earth around a young fruit tree.” Homer, Odyssey, Bk XXIV The father of Odysseus, Laertes, is an old man. Yet he is spading the earth around a young fruit tree. Spading the earth, as all real work, requires foresight, […]