Drama Like No Other
September 14, 2016

  It makes no small difference, then, whether we form habits of one kind or another from our very youth; it makes a very great difference, or rather all the difference.” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics It is not unusual, especially when we’re studying ethics, to have dramatic moments in the classroom. Indeed, no story in […]

Wednesday Quotes
Making Brave Men
August 24, 2016

“Go, stranger, and to Lacedaemon tell That here, obeying her behests, we fell.” Spartan Monument at Thermopylae, as recorded by Herodotus in The Histories Few stories in our history so capture the imagination. One king with three hundred men, another king with three hundred thousand. Spartan King Leonidas, hand-picking those to go […]

Wednesday Quotes
The Opposite of the Most Disgraceful Thing
August 17, 2016

“Their sons are carefully instructed from their fifth to their twentieth year, in three things alone—to ride, to draw the bow, and to speak the truth.” “The most disgraceful thing in the world, they think, is to tell a lie.” Herodotus, The Histories, (writing about customs of the Persians) Though the ancient […]

Wednesday Quotes
Where Has All the Wonder Gone?
August 10, 2016

“It is owing to their wonder that men both now begin and at first began to philosophize.” Aristotle, Metaphysics Aristotle himself does not explicitly offer a definition of wonder. It is clear, however, that wonder has two essential elements: a seeing, and a feeling. To wonder one must first of all see […]

Telling the Stories of Your Ancestors
June 1, 2016

“If we want our children to grow up strong, secure, and upright…; if we want to show them paths out of moral chaos, we should scour our family histories and tell them stories of the heroes we find there.” William Raspberry* These words really struck a chord in me. There are few […]

Wednesday Quotes
Hearing the Right Stories
May 11, 2016

“Such, then, I said are the kinds of stories that I think future guardians should and should not hear…” Plato, Republic III Few moments are as precious, for parents or for children. As my older children are leaving home, my mind goes back to those days…when all of them were ranged around […]

Wednesday Quotes
Music: A Two Week Challenge
April 27, 2016

“Aren’t these the reasons, Glaucon, that education in music and poetry is most important? First, because rhythm and harmony permeate the inner part of the soul more than anything else, affecting it most strongly and bringing it grace, so that if someone is properly educated in music and poetry, it makes him […]

Wednesday Quotes
The Craft of Education
April 20, 2016

“Then education is the craft concerned with doing this very thing, this turning around, and with how the soul can most easily and effectively be made to do it.” Plato, Republic VII There is a craft of living a good human life. Plato calls it justice. And there is a craft of […]

Wednesday Quotes
Saved by Education
April 13, 2016

“You should realize that if anyone is saved and becomes what he ought to be under our present constitutions, he has been saved—you might rightly say—by a divine dispensation.” Plato, Republic VI Considering what Plato thought about his own age, we wonder what he would think about ours. We might reflect on […]

Wednesday Quotes
When a Child Leaves Home
February 10, 2016

“Darling, haven’t you ever heard of a delightful little thing called boarding school?” So Baroness Schraeder responds to Max’s inquiry how she will deal with seven children upon wedding Captain Von Trapp. A few weeks ago I dropped off my son for sophomore year at a boarding school in Pennsylvania. We decided […]