Wednesday Quotes
Keeping Christmas
December 18, 2013

“Indeed, modern men, who lack such things, lack sustenance, and our fathers who founded all those ritual observances were very wise.” Hilaire Belloc, A Remaining Christmas Ritual observance of Christmas is not just fitting. Hilaire Belloc explains why it is necessary for our happiness, and sanity. For reflections on Belloc’s profound essay on […]

Wednesday Quotes
Teaching Responsibility
December 11, 2013

Ischomachus’ wife: “My mother told me that my job was to be responsible.” Ischomachus: “Yes, my dear, of course, my father gave me the same advice.” Xenophon, The Estate Manager, VII Her parents told her to be responsible. And his told him. We can presume the parents did more to teach responsibility […]

Wednesday Quotes
Pointless Parties
December 4, 2013

“There are others too…that pretend to be pleasures, such as gambling and pointless parties; as time goes on, it becomes clear even to the victims of their seduction that they are afflictions disguised as pleasures….” Socrates, in Xenophon’s The Estate Manager, I It’s a tale of two parties. At the first party […]

My Appearance on EWTN on Slow Food
November 27, 2013

Wednesday November 27 at 6pm and 9pm I will be appearing on EWTN News Nightly. I was extensively interviewed and filmed with my family (and pigs) at our home. The segment is about the SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT. Here is a link to view it by live streaming. I am not sure at what […]

Eating Salt Together: The Real Life of the Home
November 26, 2013

“As the proverb says, men cannot know each other until they have eaten salt together.” –Aristotle Deep in the human heart is the desire to be together with people that we love. Human happiness is always a shared happiness: shared especially with a small number of people. For most of us a […]

Wednesday Quotes
The Significance of Manners
November 20, 2013

These people will also discover the seemingly insignificant conventions their predecessors have destroyed. Things like this: When it is proper for the young to be silent in front of their elders, when they should make way for them or stand up in their presence, the care of parents, hair styles, the clothes […]

Wednesday Quotes
The Secret of the Marriage Bed
November 13, 2013

Penelope (to Telemachus): “If really he is Odysseus, truly home, beyond all doubt we two shall know each other better than you or anyone. There are secret signs we know, we two.” … Odysseus: “There is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed—my handiwork and no one else’s! […]

Wednesday Quotes
Return of the Master, Readiness to Fight
November 6, 2013

‘You, herdsman, and you, too, swineherd… Would you be men enough to stand by Odysseus if he came back? Would you bear arms for him…?’ The cowherd said: ‘Ah, let the master come! Father Zeus, grant our old wish! Some courier guide him back! Then judge what stuff is in me and […]

Wednesday Quotes
A Swineherd’s Piety
October 30, 2013

The swineherd then gave orders to his men: ‘Bring in our best pig for a stranger’s dinner. A feast will do our hearts good too; we know grief and pain, hard scrabbling with our swine, while the outsiders live on our labor.’ Bronze axe in hand, he turned to split up kindling, […]

Wednesday Quotes
Keeping Faith by Keeping Swine
October 23, 2013

“Of all Odysseus’ field hands in the old days this forester cared most for the estate; and now Odysseus found him in a remote clearing, sitting inside the gate of a stockade he built to keep the swine while his great lord was gone.” Homer, Odyssey, Bk XIV Eumaeus is a man […]